The development of Natural Gas Wells in the U.S. increases our independence from foreign energy sources and supports the American way of life.

Partnership programs for the Drilling of Natural Gas Wells in the Continental U.S. are not created equal.

Drilling Operations which are properly structured allow for extremely profitable returns and are rewarded with the highest allowed tax deductions.

Natural Energy Development Inc., (NEDI) is a Florida based energy firm and the exclusive Managing General Partner for its Natural Gas Ownership Programs. NEDI is in the business of offering private programs to individuals and entity’s for the drilling and operation of natural gas wells in the proven and owned gas leases of western Pennsylvania. 

Our philosophy and mission is to provide profitable and safe Natural Gas Well Ownership Programs. Through the dedication of specifically structured and committed companies, we have formed a strategic alliance which both benefits and protects our clients. 

Our consistent daily communication with our field operations and weekly communication and “Open-Door” policy with our clients has proven itself to be a true asset attributing to NEDI’s success.

NEDI operates through exclusive Agreements with its Driller/Operator of all combined field operations. We are very confident in the 100% drilling success record held by our Operator. This drilling record has been demonstrated and proven over many years through successful well completion, ongoing production, and above average “logged” recoverable reserve values of the completed wells in western Pennsylvania. 

I invite you to compare our programs to any other potential investment program in today’s market. We prove on a daily basis that true financial success is so much sweeter when it’s shared.

Thank you for the time you’ve taking to review our web site.

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Scott Shakespeare