Scott Shakespeare serves as the President/CEO of Natural Energy Development Inc (NEDI) bringing to the organization many years of corporate and finance experience. His knowledge of business was gained through the creation and operation of multiple corporate structures.

Beginning in 1982 Mr. Shakespeare began his entrepreneurial career creating a few small businesses in the state of California. During this period he began a Non-Profit Organization for the research and creation of a new type of prosthetic hand known as the “Simplistic Hand”. In 1989 Mr. Shakespeare’s business endeavors brought him to the East Coast where he incorporated R.S.V. Perspective, Inc., in the state of Massachusetts and served as its President until the end of 1993 when the product representation company was merged with a growing Boca Raton, FL firm who’s main business was media buying and infomercials. By the end of that same year Mr. Shakespeare saw the potential of a new industry on the horizon, the Internet, and in 1994 began a company he named Cyber Networks Inc. (CNI), it was incorporated in FL in 1995 with its main focus on new technology in database relevance. Mr. Shakespeare served as CEO and Chairman until the end 2002 at which time the company, by a vote of its board, had its assets acquired by the Japanese corporation of Sony, who began purchasing preferred shares of CNI in the year 2000.

All of us involved in the Operations of NEDI, as well as our contract companies, are all success oriented and driven by the highest levels of integrity.

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